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Simply African Cuisine

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Simply African Cuisine was inspired by the escalating interest of Africans in Foreign  lands for African dishes which through travel and their long stay  abroad have opted for the foods for the Foreign land and so forget their customs, celebration and traditional foods.                        

Although some of these recipes include some class and sophistications all are made from the scratch rather than from convenience food.

Occasionally, some recipes have been adapted to modern tastes  and        cooking techniques ( just as homemakers through out the world have done)   but I still adhere faithfully to the concept that all recipes must retain their  authentic flavors while I simplify and streamline wherever possible.

Join me now, in a journey around the Africa of great tastes - some familiar  from your own family's heritage, others perhaps new & exotic but notable.

As you browse this site, plan your personal itinerary.

                        Adventure awaits you.

                                                 - Lola.

On this Home page, I might include some information on how I first became interested in cooking and on the type of cuisine I consider my specialty.


Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site. Also feel free to contribute your own tips and recipes.